Vintage Narumi China Pine Cones, 8 Berry Bowls Olympia

Vintage Narumi China Pine Cones In Winter, 8 Berry Bowls, Pattern Olympia

Narumi, a Japanese china manufacturer, was established in 1950. It has a long history and former associations with Nagoya Seito and even Mikasa. Many older Mikasa patterns also bear the name Narumi. Since the beginning, they concentrated on the mass development of the finest quality bone china. They also focused on durability without loss of quality and is a popular choice with Japanese airlines and hotels world wide.

We purchased a large lot of the Narumi Olympia pattern. Narumi Olympia was made in two patterns; one being pink flowers and the pattern up for auction , which features delicate pine cones on pine-needled branches. The pattern has a center and outer rim of gold. The center section is white. The rest of the pattern is the very palest shade of green, almost white. The pinecone pattern is a wide band against the pale green.

Because of the amount of pieces and the fact that not everyone would want the entire set, we have broken the lot up and will sell by similar items. We will sell in separate but simultaneous auctions in this Narumi pattern: 8 dinner plates; 8 salad plates; 8 bread & butter plates; 8 berry bowls; 8 cups and matching saucers; 7 rimmed soup bowls and finally 1 lidded sugar bowl. Should you want more than
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