Vintage Nashco NY Hand Painted Tole Platter Side Table

Very Large, Vintage, Hand Painted Metal Tole Oval Platter or Side Table, with Folding Stand. This is a vintage piece, not an antique, but it is a beautiful example in exceptional condition. This was an estate sale find, and it was still in its' original plastic covering (the family member actually had its' original box, but had earlier let someone use the box to carry out other purchases.) This piece looks to have never, or very rarely been used. I never use the word "Mint" in a listing, but this is the closest I have ever seen a vintage piece to be in near mint condition. The hand painted flowers are still bright and beautiful (great colors,) and neither the top nor the bottom of the tray show even minor damage or scratches to speak of (for accuracy, t are just a few very, very minor marks around the very outside edge of the bottom. These are literally a few pin-head sized marks that look to be from storing the item)...this is just a really nice vintage piece, and you will not be disappointed!

This piece still retains its' original silver and black sticker. This sticker reads "Nashco Products Hand Painted Chip and Alcohol Resistant E.T. Nash Company New York New York."

The platter measures 22 inches long x 16 & 1/4 inches wide x 1 & 1/2 inches deep. When placed on the stand, the piece is 20 inches tall.
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