Vintage National Panasonic RF 5000 Short Wave Radio

Offering a used National Panasonic RF5000 short wave radio. Has 11 bands: 1 long wave, 1 medium wave (AM), FM, and 8 short wave bands.

Both antennas are straight and unbroken.

Comes with instruction manual, utilization guide, and log book. All are clean and unmarked.

Original owner's name and address are scribed onto back side edge, blocked out with tape for pictures. Interior and exterior are clean but vinyl has a tacky feel to it.

We are not radio experts. We powered this up and it works but a noticeable hum tone was coming from the rear. Sounded like it was coming from the AC adapter unit - don't know if that is normal. When volume or tuner are turned, there is a crackling tone. When you stop turning them, it plays clearly. Tuner and volume contacts probably need cleaning.


Long wave is 100 - 40Khz

Medium wave (AM) isKhz

FM is 76 - 108Mhz

Shortwave coverage is 1.6 - 4.5; 4.5 - 6.5; 6.5 - 9; 9 - 12; 12 - 16; 16 - 20; 20 - 25; and 25 - 30Mhz

Radio features a tone control and electrical fine tuning knob. Bands are selected by buttons on top of radio. There is a tuning meter and a momentary contact lamp switch plus an AFC ON/OFF switch. Back panel has many I/O jacks for Record Out; Phone Input; MPX Output; and Earphone (mini jack)
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