Vintage National Tricone cone set-Original-NOT reissue!

You sure dont see a set of these for sale everyday!! Up for auction is an original set of National Tricone cones. These are vintage, original cones from approx early '30's. These are NOT reissue cones... they are original National Tricone cones. I got these cones from Lenny Gerthoffer, owner of Vintage National Guitars, one of THE most respected National guitar dealers and authorities in the country.
These cones can absolutely be verified as 100% authentic, vintage National Tricone cones by Lenny @ Vintage Nationals by contacting him at either of the following:
They are in great shape, and as the pics show, all aesthetically the same, and are all the same height. One cone has a couple of extremely slight chips visible in the 3rd pic, but it is on the extreme edge of the cone lip, and presents no performance or seating issues at all.
These are THE cones to restore an old National Tricone, and they are a super way to upgrade a newer Tricone.
PayPal only for this auction, and payment is due within 24 hours of the auctions end.
The cones will be VERY well packed, and I will ship the cones UPS ground the next business day after receiving payment. Shipping is within the continental United States only, and is a reasonable $20 anyw in the U.S. which includes insurance for the purchase price.
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