Vintage Nauga Naugahyde Monster Advertising Doll Teal

he is waiting with open arms, your very own Nauga Monster.

He is made of Naugahyde as you all know. His colors are teal, lime green and bright orange. The teal is kind of dark, not an electric neon color, more of a deep teal.

He does have a few marks on him, I've taken pictures of them all. Obviously t is a great big price written on the back of one of his arms, and t are a couple of very small dark spots on his back, one on his eye ridge and a couple on his mouth.

I DID NOT try to clean him, so these marks especially the price, will probably come off, but please know you are bidding on him in this condition.

His mouth is a two tone one, and t is a slight lift to the left corner, this can easily be repaird, it's just glued on.

T are no rips or tears on him.

He is not marked or stamped, but he is certainly one of the older ones. He has a seam up the middle and I took a picture of his bottom area so you could see the color of the foam, t are no rips or tears w it's coming out, it's just the stuff that squished out when they stitched him and it's definetly got age to it.

All the seams are tight. Some slight wear on his fingers and toes.

Overall in very good condition. Get him NOW before he ends up at somebody else's house.

He will ship in a large flat rate
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