I am totally ignorant of this type of collectable. I bought the blanket/rug because it appeared it had authentic provenience with the paper sticker. The owner of the rug said he bought it in late 1960 at an Arizona Trading Post, and had it on his den floor for years. With that in mind , I will be super critical of this item I do not know.

A. The rug measures 40 7/8 inches on one length and 40 inches on the other length. (Widths are the same – 23 inches).

B. One side has fresh shading, the other is faded.

C. There is one small tear hole in rug – ½ inch long.

D. On the faded side there is surface damage (MOTH?)r in center area…. Silver dollar size.

E. One of the tassle ends is loose

F. 2 areas (about 3 x 4 inches) show signs of moth? nibble.

G. Fringe is different on two ends

The paper label reads: Rug No. TET 945

Area: Red Mesa Maker: Jane Tsosie

The back print states that the rug is Navajo , handmade, and of wool. Thicknes of rug is a little over 1/4 inch.

The last photo in series is with direct sunlight at back to show weave and hole.

Please look carefully at the photo(s) and text. I am showing the object(s) as fair as possible. The description and size and age is given in the most honest manner Please ask all questions before
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