Vintage Neumann NK 48 Console Phantom Power Supply

We have another interesting piece from Obi's Closet of Audio Curiosities. Obi (Our Brilliant Intern) got very excited when he found this because it says "Neumann" on it. Once again, we brought it to Parks (Our Resident Old Guy) who told us that it is a Phantom Power Supply from a Neumann console. We have no way of verifying whether or not this is true. All we can say is that Parks has been around a lot longer than we have and he's seen a lot of stuff. A quick Google search provided us with absolutely no useful information.
Look carefully at the pictures. The only problem we can see with this card is that the section where the terminals connect to the card is wobbly like a loose tooth (see detailed photo). It is still intact, but not stable. If you know what this is and would like to share your information with us, we'd love to hear from you. If this is something you'd find useful, then by all means bid! We're starting this one at $1.00 with no reserve.
We sincerely hope you're not offended by bold caps lock because here we go... THIS UNIT IS UNTESTED! and therefore is being sold AS IS with no returns.
Good luck and please check back for other treasures from Obi's Closet of Audio Curiosities.