Vintage New York City Subway/Trolley Coin Counter NYC

Up for auction is a vintage New York City street-car, coin-counting mechanism from around 1925, serial number 10764. These hand operated machines were used by the New York City trolley conductors to collect the 5 cent nickel fare as you boarded the street car. It was made and leased to the Transit Authority/Street Car Company by Money-Meters, Inc. of Providence, Rhode Island.
How it works
Pre-load the counter by cocking it with the trigger. Then when a nickel is inserted into the top slot, it's counted and logged on two different top-mounted counters ("A" & "B"), rolling out of the bottom return slot (into the conductor's apron, presumably).
Usage in Transit Service
The conductor would most likely sign-out this mechanism from the Transit Authority/Trolley Car Company, having the counters' values logged prior to beginning his shift by the clerk loaning-out the counter. Once returning from his route, he would be expected to deliver the number of nickels above the number initially logged on the counter at the start of his day.
The mechanism weighs approximately 2 lbs.
This unusual New York City Transit antique is in very good condition with a nice patina finish. Makes a perfect gift for any current or homesick New Yorkers or transplants!
The reserve price is set low to have the mechanism sell,
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