Vintage NICKEL PLATE ROAD RAILROAD Hat Cap Memorabilia

Hello. For sale is a vintage original Nickel Plate Road employee's cap from the 1940's/50's. I've had this for some time, and purchased it from the estate of the original owner who worked for the Nickel Plate up into the late 60's. It's made of the old original jean material, that has not been made for decades, and has the vented sides. It has the original Nickel Plate issue patch, in great shape. The hat is aged of course, with very minor wear around the inside, and the bill being a bit flimsy, it has no holes rips or tears, with all the fabric & stitching in great shape, and it wears great. The size is a tight 7 1/4. A very neat piece of original vintage memorabilia that I'm certain the buyer will enjoy wearing. Please contact with questions or comments, and thanks for your time.