Vintage Rare Nintendo Game and Watch OP-51 Oil Panic boxed, complete, MINT!

Vintage MINT 1983 NOS Rare Retro Nintendo Game and Watch OP-51 OIL PANIC
When you see other Oil Panic games you will notice that many cases have a greater or lesser green tint to them - the coloured plastic used by Nintendo for this game is not very light friendly. This absolutely mint NOS example shows none of this - the case is the off-white/cream it is supposed to be, showing this game has spent most of its life safely boxed up. A superb example.
Boxed with all instructions, battery stickers, original batteries and leaflets. Includes inner bag.
In superb absolute Mint condition including the metal top-plate which is completely scratch and dent free. You will see one mark on the photo, above the 'multi screen' logo. It's dust (you'll see it's moved position in the group shot).
Battery compartment clean, corrosion free. Displays in full working order; clean, crisp, no dropped segments. All sounds as they should be. Case clasp is unbroken (watch out for broken clasps and shoddy glued repairs when buying on eBay). All buttons clean and in working order. If you collect these games, this is a fine addition to your collection.

All in full working order, fully playable, excellent retro fun!

Thanks for your interest.