Vintage nursery music box whimsical snow wt Irmi baby!!

Hard to come by, this snow white and the seven dwarfs music"box" is the definition of cute. While not actually a box, the top winds up and plays music, as it turns (like dancing). Circa 1960-1970s, this is most probably what is referred to as “Irmi Nursery Originals” “Nursery Originals” or “Nursery Plastics.” There are no official stickers or box, and so I can’t guarantee who/where/when it was made, but it looks just like the ones that I’ve seen which do, and it is certainly appears to be, if not a real one, at least a superb and well crafted knock-off. The music box works beautifully and plays a tune I’m not familiar with.

The CONDITION: it is cosmetically a little worse for wear, having been in my own room as a child, and grandmother's before that. There are little black marks on the paint, which didn’t rub off with a damp towel. A crafty person should be able to take care of those. There is one small (1/4”) chip in the paint on the very bottom edge, but it doesn’t mar the design. The elfs stand on pegs, and some lean. One elf is, sadly, glued on (an attempt by the girl-me to “fix” him). Again, a crafty person should be able to remove that elmer’s glue gook that surrounds his “feet.” I did my best to capture everything in the pictures, but let me know if you'd like to see more. Snow white’s head also comes off- but you can’

A little more about Irmi Originals:

“The creators of these whimsical treats were a lovely German couple named Fred and Irmi Bering. In addition to hand-painted wooden lamps they made wall hangings, light switch plates, nursery mobiles and more. They were produced in the 1950s thru 1971 (when they sold the company). The characters are often taken straight from the pages of nursery rhymes or fairytales and each lamp usually offers a little extra bonus—a music box, a little additional “light up” feature etc. Fred and Irmi were generous spirits and in 2004 donated $2 million to Danbury hospital.”—

“…wooden nursery items with an adorable German Erzebirge sensibility from the 1950s to early 1980. They are not only functional, but are artworks, too.

…mainly in a primary color scheme and are well-suited for a baby boy nursery. … ideal for a nursery rhyme themed space.

… Irmi lighting is widely sought after and collected. Additionally, there are matching crib mobiles, separate nightlights, and light switch plates…

Since these are vintage, it is not unusual for…them have not survived intact… The Irmi Nursery Lamp can be used well beyond the infant stage and translates wonderfully to a toddler room.

Prices for the pieces will range from $40.00 to $75.00 for the more rare and elaborate fixtures.”— Turtle Creek Interiors


“Even if the names Irmi and Nursery Plastics don’t ring a bell, no doubt you’ll recognize their vintage iconic look. Many of us have admired the whimsy and detail of this company’s handpainted wooden lamps, wall hangings, switch plates, nursery mobiles and more.

I love learning a bit of history about vintage nursery pieces and the companies of long ago that created them. And the story of Nursery Plastics is by far the sweetest I’ve heard in a long time. It was hard to track down even this much info about the company and the founders. I hope you enjoy the history as much as I did. It will give you a new-found love for the products they created…

On his 15th birthday in 1936, Fred Bering got a note from his father:

“If you should ever find yourself in a position where you have more than you need for yourself, think of those who are less fortunate,” the note said in part.

The Bering family lived in Stuttgart, Germany. At the time of his birthday, Adolph Hitler had been in power in Germany f...
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