Vintage oak leaded glass sectional Minty bookcase

A nice oak leaded glass sectional ‘Minty’library/barrister bookcase.

These are the English equivalent of the Amrican Globe Wernicke bookcase

Four separate glazed sections each with two opening doors and a base section with short legs. Five separate sections in total.

Easy to take apart and reassemble.

These sections are locked in place with rotating wooden blocks to the inside top of the section underneath.

No damage to the glass. Woodwork in good condtion. Would benefit from a wax over.

A handsome looking piece of furniture that would grace any study or office. Would think circa 1940

Dimensions: Overall 56ins tall x 35.25ins wide x 12ins deep approx

Top three glazed sections: 9ins tall x 8.5ins deep approx

Bottom glazed section: 14ins tall x 10.5ins deep approx