Vintage Oil Painting of Fruit Yard Long + Stadie Stratton

This auction is for a large vintage oil painting of fruit on canvas. It measures 41" X 18". It is signed by Sadie Stratton PXT (or I?) Please see picture of signature (the color is not accurate because I wanted you to see the signature. It is signed on a dark green leaf). I believe it is from the early 1900's. The painting was rescued from a flood but has some damage. Most of the oil painting is secure on the fruit but there is some damage mostly around the edges. I think it gives it even more character. I have left everything as is, the frame's paint is almost completely off. The painting is done on canvas and stretched over a frame and nailed on (one picture shows the edge.) The artist has made the fruit so realistic you could just bite into it. Excellent workmanship. Thanks for looking.