Vintage Olympia Deluxe Typewriter manual script cursive

Hi, for your consideration; Olympia Deluxe typewriter.

Green bakelite? and black keys
Frame is not cracked
this does type
flaw I see is on last photo, both sides green pieces have a crack across it is the same on both sides so not sure if possibly made that way? Also I see some rust around the bars that hold the ribbon.
I don't know much about typewriters to know of other flaws major or minor, It does need a inked ribbon
Does feed paper
do see some random rust spots on metal
Right margin stop needs replaced/repaired The button is there but the piece that stops the carriage is somehow flawed.
It is definately got some dusty areas,
Serial #'s I have found 7-364866 and 8-253774 not certain of model # maybe SG1.
no case
please let me know if you are interested, need more photos, etc.
thank you,
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