Vintage OMICRON ELLIPSOGRAPH Drafting Instrument, NICE!

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This vintage drawing instrument appears to be in excellent condition. It comes in its original box which is also in nice structural condition. Box shows slight wear on corners and along edges. (This ellipsograph was originally belonged to B. Palka, who very neatly wrote his name in small print and the contents of box in a few places.)

"An infinite variety of ellipses are made easily with the OMICRON Ellipsograph. It has a capacity of over 12" on the major axis and produces mathematically true ellipses with ease, speed, and precision. Within its capacity all sizes, shapes and projections of ellipses may be drawn. Either pencil, inking pen or scriber neddle may be inserted into the head. The most notible feature of this instrument is a linkage system which moves the crossguide pin on a straight line, thus eliminating all play and friction usually connected with straight line slides. This linkage produces not only accurancy but also unusual ease of operation".

Original instruction paper (a little rough) is included showing a price of $12.00. Also included is a packet containing the optional LeRoy pen adaptor.


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