Vintage Optimago Enigma Gold Box Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

What a great Estate Sale find! This is an Enigma Traditional Cut Wooden Puzzle from Optimago in England Puzzle #1 / The Lands End Approximate finished size - 15.75" x 11.75" 262 Pieces ( Counted & confirmed) Several of the pieces are of actual "things" like animals, people, letters, ( see photo #2) but most are traditional pieces. From the box cover : The pleasure of an enigma puzzle comes from bringing an unknown painting to life as, one by one, the pieces are fitted together. When the last piece is put into place, the picture is fully revealed and the enigma is solved.
There are no photos of the completed puzzle on the box, but inside the box is a plain SEALED envelope that contains a copy of the painting. The envelope says "Puzzle Picture Enclosed...Open only as a last resort". The box is in very good condition, although one corner on the lid has been taped, and a sticker of some kind has been removed from the side of the lid. Pieces are all in mint condition and will be enclosed in a storage bag for shipping! If you are an avid puzzler and up for a challenge...this would be THE perfect puzzle for you!