VINTAGE THREE-SECTION PIN, POSSIBLY FROM THE IMPROVED ORDER OF RED MEN. The order is a patriotic organization meant to enhance the American way of life. It was first established as the Sons of Liberty established in 1765. The Boston Tea Party was carried out by the Sons of Liberty in 1773 dressed as Mohawk Indians and they have continued their association with Native American dress since that time. The Improved Order of Red Men was formally started in 1834. The organization has numerous rituals, secret handshakes, etc. similar to the Masons. I assume this 3-section pin was probably a delegate pin from one of their annual meetings. T is no date on it anyw The top section (2 7/8" wide) apparently held the delegate's name on paper. The middle section says "MEMBER" and the bottom section (1 1/4" in diameter) has a color photo of an Indian chief in full battle dress with war bonnet. The three sections hang vertically 4 1/8". On the backs of the 2 of the 3 pieces (the middle one being blank) it has embossed THE M.C. LILLEY & CO, COLOMBUS, O. Buyer pays shipping and handling of $2.50.