Vintage Oriental Folding Table Red Lacquer Carved Wood

Vintage Oriental Folding Table Red Lacquer Carved Wood

This listing for a unique vintage folding occasional table with a folding collapsible base and a BIG round fancy wood tray top.

The fabulous wood tray top piece has a reddish center with shading to dark and black tones and HUGE carved floral detail around the entire edge, with the edges of the tray top formed by the various designs. The top seems to have a lacquer-type finish and has small cut-out handles on either side. Of course, the wood tray could be used independently of the base, in a variety of ways throughout the home, in any décor!

The wood folding base has 3 separate "gates" providing six "legs", all with wood trim that accents and compliments the ornate tray top.

The height of the table, base and tray, is 22 ¼".

The wood tray is 23 ¼" diameter and 26 ½"(handle edge to handle edge).

The base diameter is 17 ½" diameter when opened.

I recently purchased the table in a container sale from England .

The table base and tray are in good condition, visually appealing and structurally sound , with normal signs of age and use, scratches, dings, and other imperfections. The tray edges have some chips and what appears to be possibly repaired places, not surprising considering the age and somewhat fragile
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