vintage original 1940s art deco swing era Wilson Brothers Duratwill Neck Tie

designer/manufacturer label: Wilson Brothers

date: mid / late 1940s - early 1950s

origin: USA

fabric: DURATWILL A Rayon Fabric of Celanese Yarn

blade width (big end): approx. 4 1/2" (11.2cm)

tie length: approx. 51"

background / main colours: dusty dark blue, airforce-blue meets battleship grey & white/off-white

pattern: art deco geometric triangles & dots see pic.s

style: swing jive lindyhop rockabilly demob art deco inspired bold atomic sputnik eames era modernist hollywood...

vintage condition: Superb!

no holes, snags, terrible stains or offensive smells ;o) please note this is a 60-70 year old garment and may have very minor signs of pre-ownership & wear - nothing to detract but mentioned for accuracy - i've not laundered it - please look at the pic.s & email any questions you have.

please look at the pic.s & email any questions you have.

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