Vintage "Original" 1952 Fender Telecaster Guitar Neck

Up for auction is an original 1952 Fender Telecaster neck. In 1975 I did a session at a studio w the owner asked me to play a 52 Tele he claimed to have gotten from Billy Gibbons. I knew they were friends but you never know about these things. I finished the date with the 52 and it did sound a lot better than my 66 tele. Years later I wound up owning the guitar and sometime in the 80's I decided to have the fingerboard planed because it was so badly pitted. I took it to Don Teeters Guitar shop in Oklahoma City and when he took it apart we discovered that it was a Frankenstein. Every single part on the guitar was from a different year Tele. Teeter did the plane & fret job for me and used a "super glue" finish, something I'd never heard of at the time, but it has held up remarkably well over the years. Sometime later I had Ron Lira of Honest Ron's Guitars in Oklahoma City, build me and Ash Strat style body to mount the neck on and that became my main guitar for a number of years. Nowadays I lean toward PRS guitars so I've decided to sell the 52 neck. All the other parts were sold off years ago and I recently sold the ash strat body. As you can tell by the pic's I replaced the original tuners some years back. These are old style German made Schaller keys and I no longer have the old ones. The string trees are also replacements. ... read more