This is a vintage built plastic model car kit that was produced by AMT in 1962. It is in 1/25 scale. This car was beautifully built and foiled by a very experienced modeler. The paint is a beautiful cream with a light metalflake effect. The car has great chrome and the grille appears backwashed which gives it a realistic look.The car rolls so freely that it basically glides.

The interior is nicely done. You can even see the speedometer numbers. The windshield glass is flawless. Nice and clear. The hood opens to show the Nailhead V-8.

The passenger side fender skirt spear has some of it's fins broken off but it is still on the skirt. These were included in a lot of the AMT customizing kits as a customizing option, so it should not be real difficult to find a replacement, if you don't already have one. Also somewhere along the line the passenger side fender ornament was lost, so it will need one of those. The passenger side red trim ring is also missing, so you may have to paint and add one. If this is really bothersome, you could also remove one of the red trim rings from one of the rear wheels, since they are mostly hidden by the skirts, and it would be hard notice it missing there. It never really bothered me enough to do anything about it since it is beautiful just as it sits. I have displayed this for several years
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