Vintage Original Fisher Space Pen AG7 Gold Space Shuttle - Astronauts - NASA

This auction is for a new old-stock Fisher Space Pen Model AG7 "The Exact Model Used by the Astronauts". This pen was selected by NASA for use on all manned Apollo and Shuttle flights because it is the only type of pen that would write satisfactorily in the gravity-free void, and freezing cold of Outer Space. Fisher Space Pens were used extensively by the Astronauts on all flights to the Moon. They were also purchased by the Russian Government and used by the Cosmonauts on the Soyuz flights.
Each pen available for sale is in working order and has been tested.
Ultra-hard tungsten carbide ball Sliding float separates ink from gas Gas plug Stainless steel, precision-machined socket prevents leaks and oozing, yet delivers instant uniform ink flow Thixotropic ink in hermetically sealed and pressurized reservoir writes 3 times longer Ink will not dry out in 100 years! Writes underwater and over grease at -50 degrees to +400 degrees Fahrenheit. Writes in the vacuum of space.
Writes for over three miles before requiring a refill (three times longer than most ball point pens at the time)
Writes at any angle, even upside down
Pen measures 5 1/8 inch long and is marked "AG7 SPACE PEN By Fisher USA". Around push button release on the side of the barrel retracts the push down top actuated
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