Vintage Original Marshall JCM800 4011 Amplifier

1986 Marshall JCM 800 lead series-4211 valve amp 2x12 100Wattamplifier excellent condition

This is a vintage 1986 100watt jcm 800 Combovalve amplifier with 2 x original celestion G12t-75 speakers & 4x original tubes.

Includes original footswitch that controls reverb and channel switching.

Has original Marshall El34m tubes which rare to still have in amp for great vintage sound.

This amp is fully functioning from original state and not been modified. It is in such good condition because been well looked after from purchase and not overused.

All working order and condition is mint for 26year old amp

I wish to sell because gigging more acoustic now and ashame not to be used to its full advantage.

Plug in electric guitar and play all working order. I know whoever buys this will cherish and crank it up to what it deserves as it is powerful 100watt amplifier. I alternate my sound so use 3 different amps so not overused.

So this is an unique opportunity to acquire this mint original amp in such excellent quality and all original parts. These amplifiers are no longer in production from very early 1990’s .

Contact me if you would like to test/hear it before you buy and can arrange a jam if local


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