Vintage Original WW2 Poster Statue Liberty Carlu 1945

This is a vintage Original WW2 Poster designed and signed by Natacha Carlu

printed in 1945 by the French Press and Information Service NYC

the same poster was sold on Nov 11th 2007 ( lot 221 ) by Poster Auctions International for $1250

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It is in Perfect Condition and Guaranteed Original

measures : 94 x 61cm 37" x 24"

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T's something abstractly reminiscent of Cassandre's Normandie poster (see No. 228) in the manner in which Carlu placed and executed the torch-bearing hand of the Statue of Liberty in this stirring design for the role the United States played in the liberation of France during World War II. Birds are replaced by stars and move from lower left to up-top, but the classic monumentalism is very similar. And in an iconically grandiose way, appropriate-both symbolize French grandeur and largesse from better times. And now that the liberating allegorical American angel has returned the favor by slicing through the shackles of oppression, that prior glory is free to hold sway once more. A truly majestic creation. Not to be confused
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