Vintage Ornament Liquid Filled Water Ball Reflective

Antique / Vintage Christmas ornament Liquid colored Pale Pink water filled Indent reflective

Ornament is Vintage German Mouth Blown so may not be prefect round as each one is mouth blown mercury glass hand made ,no 2 are alike. About 2 inches across. Has Ribbed back & white glitter around front outer edge, Does not have original cap, and I didn't notice this until now the light Blue one I will also list as I thought the round center ball tips were broke,Now after relooking I see its just the way the glass blower made at factory they do not come to points on these, they are smooth to touch and just a blop of glass when made factory flaw ,I only have these two left of the German water filled ornaments.

This plain silver mercury glass ornament that is hallow indented center with bright shinny mirror finish inside the a small round glass globe of filled colored water is added to center of ornament.

The white lines you see are not painted in the inside of ornament but on outside of little glass ball & reflect outward on mirror finish so when turned will rotate , move & spin in light its very stunning.

This one has a touch of black in couple of lines

I was lucky a few years back to come across several boxes and able to buy them as a lot,I have sold many over the years.

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