Vintage Pai Val St Lambert Crystal Candelabras - NR

Hi and thanks for viewing this auction!!! PLEASE READ EVERYTHING PRIOR TO BIDDING . This auction is for a stunning PAIR ( set of two double candlesticks ) of Val St. Lambert Crystal Candelabras or double candlesticks . Val St. Lambert crystal is both quality and classic style beautifully created in Belgium. These two beautiful crystal double candlesticks are no exception. Now please note, the picture only shows one double candlestick but this is for a pair, or two of these stunning pieces. I only pictured one so you can see the amazing quality of the piece and the absolute gleam of the pristine crystal. The double candlesticks measures 4" x 5" in a six sided base. The arm of the double crystal candlestick measures 6-1/2" long and the candle holding portion of the double candlestick measures 3-1/2" tall with the full double candlestick measuring 4-1/2" hign. The six sided shape is the central design throughout the beautiful double candlesticks, to include the base, the center of the double candlesticks, the base of the candle base to the holder itself. The condition of the pair (set of two double candlesticks) beautiful double candlesticks are MINT , no chips, cracks, fleabites, scratches, etc. and I cannot even begin to tell you how the crystal just shines The original labels are still intact and are present on both of the double ... read more