Vintage Pair of Metal Art (BRASS) Deer-VERY HEAVY!!-NR

Vintage Pair of Brass Spotted Deer (art metal)-BRASS

VERY LARGE!!! male is 2 feet tall to the top of his antlers!!!

This pair of brass deer is so beautiful. The pictures do not do them justice as they are more beautiful in person. These deer stand very nice. They are made from brass and are not completely solid in all areas, but they are very tall and heavy (LARGER THAN MY FULL GROWN CAT!!!!). They are in perfect condition with no breaks or repairs!!! I have seen these sell for as much as 500.00 for the pair. They can be placed in the home or in the yard. They will oxidize in the weather because of being made from brass, but will look very nice oxidized. They have a great patina to them. I am not exactly sure of the age of these, but i do know they are old. The male buck is standing in a very Regal position with his head held high, while the female doe has her head down feeding. If you are a Hunter or just love to look at deer....THESE ARE FOR YOU!!!!.. These deer show great details. You can see the spots and the hairs. The designer went to alot of time and trouble to capture the look of this pair of deer. This pair of deer is very heavy and will require a large box for shipping. They will be packaged properly for a safe arrival to your home. They are being sold AS-IS, in very nice vintage condition. I use AS-IS
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