This item up for auction is a Vintage Pat. 2032695 Buick Logo RTB (the B stands for Bell, don't know about the first 2 letter) Monogrammed 3 Barrel Case Zippo Lighter that I acquired from a local Fellow who inherited it from his Father some years ago, just as I got it and just what you will see in my pictures, I don't know exactly how old it is, but based on the researching I did, I believe the Patent Number and Markings on the bottom of it are from the 1940's-early 1950's Era, and hopefully you will know more then I do after looking! It measures about 2-3/16" x about 1-1/2" x about 1/2" in size and has clearly marked info on the bottom of the Case and on one side of the Insert, all of which should help you ID and date this Lighter! PLEASE READ!! It is NOT capable of lighting as it is right now, the Flicking Wheel does NOT turn and some of the cotton appears to be missing or is out of place and the screw on the bottom of the insert is sticking out farther then it should be (I have since turned the screw in some since taking pictures and the insert now fits better in the case), also I'm sure it needs lighter fluid, a new wick and a new flint, and as far as I can tell, it should work after all these problems are addressed but I am still selling it "AS IS" with no expectations of it being an easy fix or fixable at all! The Hinge has ... read more