Vintage Old Pawn Navajo Sterling Silver & Large Turquoise Nugget Ring Size 6.25

Vintage Old Pawn Navajo Handmade Sterling Silver and Large Turquoise Ring Size 6.25 +/- 1960s Gorgeous Stone!
11.71 Grams
Backstory: Please note that "Old Pawn" pieces may or may not have been in actual pawn shops. This has become a general term to indicate vintage and/or antique tribal jewelry that admittedly drives specialty dealers up a wall, but as it has become widely used, we include it with this clarification. Also, prior to the mid-1970s, Native American jewelry was not necessarily signed. There was some disapproval of signaling out an individual and, besides, much jewelry of this style was made for personal use or as a gift and everyone involved usually knew perfectly well who made it. Since then, however, jewelry was sold, passed down, pawned, or had any of the thousand things that can happen to vintage jewelry occur. This causes a problem today as to legally guarantee a piece as Native American made, the seller must have the maker's signature and registry of Tribal affiliation. While we approve of this practice to curtail traffic in the (many) fakes out there, it has also caused literal truckloads of good pieces of this vintage to be consigned to the melting pots.
We are a custom goldsmith shop and it makes us more than a bit ill that this is done so often, effectively erasing the work of a couple
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