Vintage Pearl Beer Pilsner Glasses Set of 4

You are bidding on a set of 4 Vintage Pearl Beer Tall Pilsner Glasses. You can tell the difference from the new glasses being sold on Ebay by the logo. The older glasses have the logo in a circle with xXx above the Pearl name.

A little history of the Pearl Brewery in San Antonio:

The Pearl Brewing Company in San Antonio started in 1881 as the J. B. Behloradsky Brewery which was purchased in 1883 by a group of San Antonio business leaders that formed the San Antonio Brewing Association. The brewery was renamed the San Antonio Brewing Company and began producing Pearl Beer in 1886. In 1888 the name was changed to the San Antonio Brewing Association and listed its address as 312 James Street and Avenue A.

In April of 2000, the S&P Company decided to close the brewery. Employee protests extended the deadline for three years and the brewery continues to brew Pearl Beer and Lone Star Beer. Much of its line is brewed by Miller Brewing in Fort Worth.

In April 2001, S&P Company CEO Bill Bitting announced the brewery would finally close in June. One hundred white collar workers will remain at the company headquarters, but over 150 brewery workers will be layed off. Production of Lone Star and Pearl beers, along with other Pabst brands will be brewed by Miller Brewing Company in Fort Worth. Miller will
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