Vintage Pearl Jewellery- 5 strings+crystals/rainstones in DIAMANTE Clasp-BARGING

Pearls,5 strings+ crystals in clip- 50cm-quality &style

Vintage Jewellery collector


girl or ‘mum’doesn’t like


This is a very inexpensive gift

Or stocking filler ideal

For Xmas or a birthday treat!

5 white/cream strings of very elegant,

strong and quality made - 'glass' pearls,

made to modern/vintage style,

for the lady who values style and quality.

I don't know how old they are, probably about 20 years (+ or -)

but they have never been used (as new) and are from old stock

(I have only few sets of them).

40.5cm (with decorative clasp/clip

by the shortest string - 50cm by the longest string),

This is a quality product!

Made from glass, not plastic and covered in a strong quality coating,

which will not be peel off easily

like some cheeper or more modest ones!

The quality of this item is not only in the material

from which it was made,

but also as to how the whole piece was put together!

These magnificent strings of white/cream glass pearls

are tightly threaded onto strong cords

and are finished off attached to a very decorative

clip encrusted with a crystals.....
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