Up for bid is a Vintage "PEARL LAGER BEER" Aluminum Ice Chest, RARE!! This item was acquired from a storage unit sale and is looking for that right person who is longing for it... Overall condition is Good, for its age.

We have done extensive research looking for any others out t, but apparently they are extinct! This item is a Hard to Find Rarity. Get it while you can. Naturally, t are its flaws. Some dings, multiple scratches and a couple of rust spots, but wouldn't you have a few as the years go by?

The closing hasps are a little rusty, but lock tight as they should. Inside bottom shows rust as well, but scrutinizing every angle of this item shows no sign of decay (holes). The attaching lid hasps are original and work great. The black rubber seal is all t but needs replaced, as some decaying with age has started. The inside lid has inscribed: Quality Cronstroms Service/ Manufacturing Inc. (See Photo#3)

We have cleaned up some on this item, tfore the shine in the photos are a little extensive due to my kitchen lighting. This item does have a nice shine but not like new.

Overall measurement of this piece is approximately 22" Wide by 13" Tall . Take a good look at the pictures and any questions not answered , please email. We will respond ASAP, as best we can.

Keep in mind this item is
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