Vintage Peavey PC-1600 Midi Mixer

80s-era Peavey PC-1600 in gorgeous shape cosmetically. No power supply. I tested the unit with a generic AC power supply from Radio Shack that was very close to the exact original specification (except it was 18v instead of 16v, which for the few seconds I used it shouldn't have mattered). It powered up, seemingly normally, except it displayed an error message (I forget which code number). When I pressed some buttons, it displayed random characters that made no sense. I switched it off immediately and abandoned the idea of replacing the power supply. I concluded that the unit is malfunctioning and should be sold as is for repair or parts.
I did some research on this symptom and found that it is often characteristic of two possible things: a dead/leaking battery, and/or a bad main chip, which when replaced, eliminates the need for the battery. I looked inside the unit and sure enough the battery has leaked onto its connector (but not beyond). So I think it's a reasonable supposition that with the battery removed, a new battery-free chip installed, and a replacement Peavey power supply (readily available online) this unit might come right back to 100%.
Otherwise the piece is near-mint. The entire case and display are almost pristine, as the photos show - no significant scratches, scuffs, dents, dings...nothing. I am also
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