VINTAGE PEPSI MACHINE metal sides, bottles/cans WORKS!

Great Pepsi Machine! 8 - selection!

This machine has the original logos on the "push buttons" from 20 years ago.

The coin mech works as it should, dispenses soda as it should, but needs to be refilled with freon, to keep the sodas cold.

I have cleaned this machine, inside and out, replaced the lightbulbs in front as well, and replaced the lock.

The sides are metal with the PEPSI logo on it, and for this machine being 25 years old, it looks AWESOME!

The coin mech can be set up to charge "$0.00 - $3.00", and gives change when needed.

Dimensions: 35 1/2"(w) x 25 3/4"(d) x 71"(h)

I am not selling a brand new one.
I plug it in, the compressor kicks in, the fan works, and it dispenses soda, it just doesnt keep anything cold.
I called PEPSI, and they said that this machine is worth around $600, and also said that it may take up to $100 to fix, so for the price, its a good deal.

Machine is being sold AS-IS, with no warranties, no guarantees....please remember that when leaving feedback.

YES - It will vend BEER Cans as well!!

If you need more pictures or anything else, please email me at:


I can hold until you arrange to pick it up, but MUST be paid in full at end of auction.

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