Vintage Perfume Bottle Red Enamel Deco Style "HIS

For your pleasure a Vintage Perfume Bottle Red Enamel Deco Style "HIS". It was introduced in 1947 and is a men's after shave or cologne bottle by Northwoods. This figural perfume bottle is in the shape of a dapper looking dude with a flat top hair cut, dressed in a burgundy-red tuxedo jacket. The name of the cologne, "HIS", is molded horizontally down the chest just below his bow tie. The hard plastic top is his head which is an ivory color. He looks like an art deco style bionic man and is winking at you, big time!! Actually he has a monocle in one eye which gives him the appearance of winking. According to the perfume bottle reference book "Commercial Perfume Bottles" by Jacquelyne Y. Jones-North, on page 152... "The House for Men Inc. introduced the "His" elite series as a supplement to the standard "His" line. The torso bottle with a sculptured stopper in ivory plastic was designed by Mrs. Glen Claypool. Shaving lotion, cologne and talcum came in the bottle made by Wheaton Glass."

This is a very collectible cologne or perfume bottle and does not appear very often. It came in two colors that I know of, this burgundy enamel painted glass and one painted gold enamel. The entire bottle is painted down to the bottom edge, leaving clear glass on the bottom where the patent number is molded into the glass; "Pat No. 143576".

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