This auction is for a Vintage BORRE' styled by Fairmoor Persian Lamb Coat with fur Collar. It has a beautiful Rippled/animal print looking detail all over, which is soft. The fur on the collar is a dark brown/red color, it could be mink, it's Very soft. Aside from the collar the coat is all black. The tags on the inside read: BORRE' STYLED BY Fairmoor CLEAN BY FUR COAT METHOD DO NOT BRUSH, PRESS OR STEAM

and the tag by the back of the neck reads: Read's Bridgeport, Conn

There's 3 big black buttons on the front, as can be seen in picture #3. There is also a clear orange button that is under the collar, you can see it a little in picture #2, it's the spot on the right. There is a hoop and eye closure on the collar for those very chilly days and nights. On the front left side of the coat about 3 inches from the bottom is some specks of something. They are very tiny. You might be able to see them in picture #6 near the bottom. [the coat isn't brown like is shown in that picture, but black. I had to use my flash to show the specks] You might be able to pick them off. There is two 8"x8" pockets on the front. [one on either side]

It is fully lined with black silk. [or at least that's what it looks like, it's heavy and smooth] I do not know what size this is but here are the measurements: 28 1/2 inches at the bottom
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