Vintage Persons Majestic Eagle Head Hood Ornament NR

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Vintage Persons Majestic Eagle Head Hood Ornament NR


In 1971 our consignor bought a house built in 1912 by Charles Persons who was the owner of the Persons Majestic Company based in Worchester Massachusetts. Up for bid is a very unique lighted hood ornament that says Persons Majestic and made in Czechoslovakia. Our consignor, who is 77 years old, was told by Charles Persons son that this was hand cast in Europe w the best glass work was done at that time. The son, Robert Persons sold the house to our consignor. Charles Persons had been dead for many years prior. We recently had two appraisals done on this item.

The first appraisal was done by Rachael Goldman, MA Ph.D. Candidate in Art History CUNY-GC Senior Certified Member Appraisers Association of America Assumptions and Limiting Conditions.

She noted that this is a hand molded glass ornament which was affixed to a car and even later to architectural elements of a house. This was designed by an unknown firm, because it has not been signed in any significant way, but judging from the hand decoration it was made in the early part of the Art Deco period w the images of Greco-Roman imagery was placed into advertising.

The second appraisal was done by Appraised By: Nan Ehemann

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