Vintage 'Petite' D.I.P. Radiant Gas Heater

Lovely little 'Petite' Radiant Gas Heater.
Found in the shed when we moved in, looks in good clean condition but not tested so therefore not guaranteed in any way. However, the 'element' shows no sign of burning so it may even be unused.
Brass screw fastening on the rear.
This is just like a miniature gas fire. Made by 'DIP Ltd, Cotmanhay Road, Ilkeston, Derbys Tel (0602) 325933' as described on one of the labels on the underneath. Also says 'Butane, Propane. Gas pressure - Butane 28mbar, Propane 37mbar. Max heat Input.-1.0Kw'
Whole thing measures approximately 10" or 25cm long, about 6" or 15cm high and 5" or 12cm deep.
Would keep a shed, boat, van or caravan well toasty, provided it was well-ventilated, as described on the label;
'Warning - Use only in well ventilated area.'