Vintage Philco Model 37-610 Art Deco Desk Top Tube Radio -- 1937

As art deco as one could ever hope to find, this 1937 desk top radio embodied the rounded streamline designs this era is known for. The dial face cover is worth the price of admission in this regard.

All in all the veneer is in very good condition, and could easily be restored to a factory like finish. The grille cloth is intact and without rips or tears. The position indicator decals for the front knobs are gone, and there is dirt under the dial face cover, but these are minor issues. I replaced the power cord plug(the old one got stepped on and was unusable). When plugged in the tubes light up, but only low grade noise results. Also the back light on the dial is out. So it will need a lamp for the dial and some work on the electronics to get it back to snuff. But everything is here, so what is likely the case, is that either a tube or capacitor is weak and needs replacing.

All in all, a pretty nice 1930's radio.

The radio measures 20 1/2" X 9 1/8" X 11 1/4" tall.Weighs about 22 1/3 pounds.

The radio will be shipped via Fedex Ground within the United States. Ebay's rate master does not support Fedex rates, so what you are seeing is UPS Ground rates. I strongly urge you to wait for an invoice after the auction ends before paying, as Fedex is usually less than UPS and I will bill you the lower amount

Out of country bidders please note, the size of the package will mean to some countries it must be sent via International Express instead of International Priority. It would be wise to check with me to see if this is the case, as Express can be very much more expensive than Priority mail.

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