Vintage phone booth bifold door with sign,heater,light

Vintage Western Electric Phone Booth

This auction is for a vintage Western Electric phone booth. It has the folding door with glass and handle intact. The interior retains the original pay phone which has 3 slots (one for quarters, one for dimes, one for nickels). As you can see in the pictures, this booth also has a wooden seat. T is a heater with a fan (blower) and light. The walls are that ceramic looking finish which is glossy with a few small dings, consistent with the age of this piece, but not bad in my opinion. The grate above the door opening is made of plastic. The blue and white sign seems to be made of steel as it is very heavy for its size. T are some places on the sign w interior wall paint has gotten on it. The exterior of the booth is wood, again with a few places of wall paint. I believe that these are easily removed with a little denatured alcohol (available at a hardware store). A small piece of the trim wood has been broken off at some point in time.

I am selling this for a friend who is downsizing his home. He acquired it from a man who purchased many of these booths from the old Western Electric office in downtown Indianapolis. My friend has had this booth since the early 1970's, and he used it in his home until just this year. He tells me that the phone remains functional...he has just moved
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