VINTAGE Picture Album Yellowstone Yosemite + others

This vintage photo album with the Yellowstone cover is a really nice summer of 1958 family photo album of a summer of camping, fishing, hiking and visiting many National Parks and Monuments. No idea who made it, but probably the young boy, who would probably be about 60 now if still alive. It shows Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park, Weeping Rock in what is now Zion National Park, Crater Lake, Sequoia trees including the Grizzly Giant which is estimated to be 3,800 years old, Devil's Postpile, and all the things you expect to see in these wonderful National Treasures. I know, I have taken my children to many of them and intend to see the rest someday.
Lots of photos in Yosemite of the bears doing the garbage pile digging, Half Dome from many angles, the guides the parks give you when you drive in, the old family car and tent (probably new at the time) and postcards of scenes not photographed. Also the entrance passes, and other memorabilia.
Let me know if any questions.