A vintage wood frame with a decorative gesso finish. In this frame is a vintage print by W. Hunt called, 'Found'. This is a picture of a shephard dog or more known as a collie, trying to save the last of a herd of sheep in a blizzard. The frame measures 18 1/2 by 14 3/4, with a picture size of 15 1/2 by 11 3/4. This picture frame appears to have the original glass. T is dark green painted layer between the two decorative layers of gesso. It is chipping in some areas, however the gesso finish is not chipped and t are no missing pieces. T is a very faint water line at the bottom of the print that can be seen in the photo. The camera flash makes it looks worse then it is, as y ou have to look very closely to see it. This has a cardboard backing held in by square nails, with a small strand of wire with a nail on top for hanging. Overall condition of both the frame and very vintage print is very good. A very nice vintage print in a great frame, ready to display.