Vintage pink embroidered and crocket table cloth and 10 napkins - before 1960's

Vintage - made before the 1960's - pale pink table cloth - 79 x 60 - with 10 napkins - 12 x 16". This was never used and was stored in a drawer. It is very well made and lies flat. There are a variety of needle techniques used on this - all in white. All pieces have a crocheted border on all sides. There are crocheted insets that divide the surface and there are several areas of floral embroidery. There are also a few small areas where a cut-out shape has been filled in with a square patterned netting, and other areas where threads have been removed leaving open patterns with the remaining threads.

There is no change of color or wear to the areas that were folds when stored. I found a couple of small orange spots on four of the napkins. These are not dirt or stains from an outside source. I have seen this before on clothing and fabrics that have been stored. I am not sure what causes it.