Vintage Pioneer QX-949 Quadraphonic Stereo Receiver in Original Box w/ Manual

This Pioneer QX-949 Quadraphonic Stereo Receiver is in EXCELLENT Condition! All of its lights and functions are in perfect working order. The dark walnut veneer wood panels are flawless, without nicks, scratches, stains, chips, dings, dents, smudges, paint splatter, or anything else that could mar their beautiful rich finish. Corners are intact, and not worn or crunched. The top black metal grill is undamaged and clean. The brushed aluminum front panel is also clean and bright and without scratches or other marks on it, as are the two glass windows. Overall, I would say, cosmetically, this entire piece is essentially almost like new in its appearance. I doubt there are many QX-949s out there that look this good today and perform as well as this receiver still does. It is in its ORIGINAL BOX with MANUAL! Finally, because it is quite heavy, please expect the cost of shipping to be rather high. I will double box this receiver with lots of protective padding and packing materials, bubble wraps, etc., to guarantee that it will not come to harm during shipment. I want its new owner to receive it and enjoy it in the same excellent condition as it is when I pack it for shipping. Thanks and best of luck with your bidding. Starting at $0.99 with NO RESERVE! Listing Lots of Vintage Stereo Equipment this weekend!
The Pioneer AM/FM stereo
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