Vintage Plastic Bib Apron ~ Victorian Pink White

This is a home made bib apron made from vintage plastics. The apron is as well made (or better made) than the ones that were mass produced in the 1950's. You may detect a slight old plastic odor and as you know, the old plastics sometimes wrinkle and unlike modern day plastics, they refuse to release those wrinkles. Apron ties are always made longer than the original 1950's designs for a nice large bow in back. Seems like the old aprons barely had enough length to tie a bow. All aprons home made by us are designed to fit a small to large size.

I scronged up enough vintage plastic to make this Victorian print bib apron. May be the last one in this Victorian style unless I run across more plastic of this design. It is trimmed in pink lace look plastic ruffles. It has a large collar bib that is made of a clear, see-thru plastic (not the vistorian print). The pleated apron skirt is about 19" long. Each tie is 45" long for a nice large bow in back. The apron skirt has 3-4 tiny holes (not real noticeable) hard to find this old plastic in perfect condition. The apron is semi-transparent for a terrific see-thru look. Great apron made from vintage plastics. Nothing new but the thread!

All items or materials are from sales, flea markets or estates, so I can not guarantee they are from a smoke and pet free environment.

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