Vintage Plastic Corgi Figure - Captain: 104 Dolphin Cruiser GS 31

Captain: 104 Dolphin Cruiser (and Buick Riviera Boat Set) GS 31

This is an original Corgi plastic figure in very good, original condition; very little wear tho' trousers may be faded, can't remember if they were darker when new

Vintage, 1964-68

Captain of 104 Dolphin Cabin Cruiser - also came in set with Buick Riviera

He's in good, ORIGINAL condition, see "Condition" above. P lease see photos too

One owner only - me, and well looked after

This figure was easily lost and is now rare to find. He would make a replacement or a spare

If you'd like any other info or more photos, I'll be happy to oblige

Thanks for looking