Vintage Plastic Lighthouse Lamp Shade - Clamp on - Reverse Painted - Celluloid?

Vintage Lighthouse Clamp On Lamp Shade This is the Older model - it has the Seashell Finial on top, and it is 6 sided. The newer ones have 8 sides and have a pineapple finial on top. Also, the design on the accent edges are nautical items, unlike the newer ones. Because of its age, I think it is made of Celluloid - which is early plastic It has 6 sides, but shows 3 different Lighthouses The reverse painting shows through when it is lit up (see photos) The glue has yellowed from age and is visible in areas. This is another clue as to its age. Early glue was Not acid-free so it yellowed. It really does not detract from its beauty - please zoom on photos It measures: 6 1/2" tall to the top of the finial - 4 3/4" tall to top of shade side 6 1/8" diameter at the bottom - 3 1/2" diameter at top (both measured at widest point) The clamp that fits over a light bulb is made to fit a Chandelier bulb or Night Light bulb. It probably would not fit on a full size light bulb. There are No Chips, No Cracks, Clean and ready to use!
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