VINTAGE POCHER 1/8 1931 ALFA ROMEO 8C-2300 MODEL CAR KIT ITALY K/71. I won't go into the history of Pocher, how there won't be models like this again and how building one is like building the real car. If you found this auction, you are already well aware what a Pocher is.
I drove 200 miles round trip just to pick this up from it's original owner.
I have built and sometimes sold Pochers for years now. To buy one from the original owner was worth the drive.
I cannot 100% confirm that every single part is there. But, the person I bought it from kept the NY Times article on Pocher Alfas from a decade ago, kept the copies he made of certain sheets of the instructions, but even included his original receipt from 1982 at a purchase price of over $200. That should give an indication of the kind of care in keeping this model over the years. If he opened a bag of small parts, he would mark it, or put it in a medicine bottle.
I have taken a lot of pictures and can take more for interested buyers. I would love to say not a thing is missing, but just can't be 100% sure with a pc count in the 1000's. If there is one missing, the good news is so many spares, extras and new parts are found on eBay. I can tell you, this is no basket case like I occasionally see on eBay, even those seem to sell for $150-200.
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