Iâe(tm)m afraid I donâe(tm)t know much about this piece, it was found in a dusty corner of a little antique shop among several military artifacts.

It appears to be German based on the use of the letter âeoeOâe for the East designation on the compass face which was common among compasses of this time period in Germany, also the compass face is very similar to the Verners pattern of 1917.

The compass appears to be military in nature based on other military compasses I have seen.

The compass is made of Bakelite, steel, brass and glass and is in very clean and

well-preserved condition.

The compass crystal is flawless with no chips, scratches or cracks.

The compass needle has a red jewel set in brass and is nicely balanced; moves very smoothly.

T is an automatic needle stop that engages when the lid is closed; still works perfectly.

The lid opens very smoothly and closes tightly.

The diameter of the compass face is 1 ¾âe and the case dimensions are 2 ½âe(tm) x 2 ¼âe.

Not sure of the exact age but it has been estimated to be made in the late 1930âe(tm)s to early 1940âe(tm)s.

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