About the finest condition you can expect for a vintage piece. These Polish hiking canes also double as axes --possibly to keep stalking beasts at bay while trekking through Tatra Mountains. I envision them mainly for chopping firewood during the very cold winter months in the Tatra Alps. Nonetheless, they make great conversational pieces, not to mention an aid for personal defense. I only have one of these left. The one with the brass handle and the blade cover is the item offered in this listing. It is pictured in the gallery pic. It has numerous striations burnt into it that run perpendicular to the length of the shaft. It has a metallic axe head with bizarre designs etched into it. It is also adorned with copper rings attached to straps of metal that have been hammered into the wood. These were used to attach the coat of arms of cities that were visited while journeying through the polish countryside. This walking, hiking, or mountain climbing staff is 34 inches in length, and is very sturdy. The handle is approximately 5 1/2 inches.

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